Little Birdie Alcohol Ink Blending Solution - 15ml, 1pc

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Special Features:
  • Acid-free.
  • Highly-pigmented.
  • Works best on non-porous surfaces like yupo paper, ceramic, metal, glass etc.
  • Can be used for resin craft, on fabric, and canvas.
  • Dilute, lighten, blend, and clean up with alcohol blending solution.
  • Alcohol inks are light sensitive. Sealing the work is recommended.
  • 15 ml leak-proof bottle designed with convenient micro drip nozzle to help control and dispense only the amount of ink you want.
  • Quick drying, permanent inks, great for creating beautiful abstracts.
  • Reacts when in contact with blending solution or other inks.
  • Turn ordinary ceramic surfaces, metals, glass and more into master pieces using these inks.
  • Upcycle and give an interesting look to your planters, clocks, glass candle holders, coasters or make unique, abstract wall art, pendants, metal embellishments, glass ornaments, and other home décor projects.